Vision & Mission

Vision Statement
Bound together in Christ, towards a spirit-filled Communion of Communities based on Reconciliation, Unity and Love.

Mission Statement
Commissioned by Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, the Roman Catholic Church in Karnataka is the People of God of many cultures, traditions and religions. We are a community of disciples that continues the evangelization begun by Portuguese, French and German missionaries four hundred years ago, through proclaiming the Gospel, celebrating the sacraments, teaching the faith, forming the faithful for works of service.

Pastoral/Theological Priorities
Evangelization is the proclamation, in word and deed, of the Christ of the Gospel to persons in all circumstances for the sake of the new life of faith beginning with Baptism and lived in communion with the Church.

Prayer and Spirituality
With Mary, who is our Mother and model, the Church ponders and lives the mystery of Christ. Prayer and Spirituality sustain us in our everyday lives and lead us to a deeper relationship with God. Prayer and Spirituality are embodied in our Sacramental celebrations, devotions and personal prayer that draw the community and each individual to a life of holiness.

Charity and Justice
Compelled by the love of Christ, the Church expresses its respect for the dignity of every human person and strives to help each person achieve his/her status as someone created in the image and likeness of God. In the spirit of the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching, the Catholic faithful express God-given dignity at a social level in collective and individual works of love, justice and peace.

Education and Catechesis
Education/Catechesis is the presentation of the fullness of the Catholic faith to every generation, embracing peoples of every culture, language and race. Through a lifetime of learning and teaching, disciples of Jesus are formed by encounters with the Person of Christ, the Word of God, Worship, the Tradition of the Church and Communion of Saints.

Sacraments and Worship
Christ acts in and through the Church. Through ritual actions and sacred signs, the Church celebrates the Paschal Mystery by which God redeems us and makes us holy. Through the grace of the Sacraments, we share in the life of the Risen Christ, from birth to death, to the glory of the Father and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Stewardship and Administration
Recognizing that the whole of our life is a gift of God and is, therefore, at the service of God, the faithful respond to God’s generosity by making a grateful return to the Lord that builds up the Church. As good stewards of God’s gifts of time, talent, and treasure our policies and administration reflect justice, charity and respect with accountability at all levels.

Vocation and Priestly Formation
Vocation is a gift from God calling all the baptized to the necessity of service to the People of God. The Dioceses in Karnataka nurture all vocations but particularly the call to ordained priesthood which is so vital for the health of the Church. The Church provides formation which is sensitive to the multicultural reality of the local Church and which leads to holiness of life.

Consultation and Governance
All the faithful by virtue of Baptism are equal indignity. The voices of all are prized. The faithful have the responsibility to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and the right to speak for the welfare of the Church. Those who exercise the power of governance, in union with the Office of the Bishop sent by the Successor of Peter, have the responsibility to listen to and communicate with the faithful. Consultation and Governance generate the structures wherein the charisms of all members are valued and the needs of all the faithful are addressed.

Ecumenism and Inter-religious Dialogue
Ecumenism is the work of fulfilling Christ’s desire for unity among all Christians, and dialogue with brethren of other faiths makes us respect what is good in other religions and also foster the virtue of confraternity. As the Catholic Church we walk together with other Christian Churches and believers of other faiths to promote the Kingdom of God.

Promotion of Small Christian Communities
At every local level Small Christian Communities as basic units of ecclesial life are established and fostered. The Communities are to promote Gospel values among each other and with the people in the neighbourhood. The community being Christ-centred fosters Christ-centred families.

Our Philosophy
That through Baptism, all are called to share in the mission and ministry of the Church, especially the proclamation of the Gospel message, the Good News of Jesus Christ.

That the laity be enabled and empowered to use their gifts in collaboration with the ordained ministers in promoting the mission of the Church and in giving witness to their faith.

That the availability of good formation opportunities or growth and development in ecclesiology, spirituality and leadership skills are essential to these tasks.

That our plans, programmes and presence is developed in keeping with the leadership and vision, the theological and pastoral priorities of our Region, local tradition and the needs and leadership within the parishes, deaneries and dioceses.

That we support pastors and pastoral staff and the work of the laity to develop mutually that allows each to accept the gifts and the contribution of the other.